Notos Kas Villas

An Alternative Life
Is Possible


Average Temprature


Sunny Days


Square Meter Area


Special Villa

A simple life project is started in the South, away from complexity. Our project that designed by Turkey's one of the leading and award-winning architectural office, ERGINOGLU & CALISLAR, springs into life in Antalya Kas with Mikasouth experience. It is planned to design the project that will make Southern breeze, as an iconic artifact.

WAF 2018

Notos Kas is advanced to the Finals by WAF 2018 (World Architecture Festival), considered as one of the world's most prestigious architectural awards, in the "Best Residential Project in the World" category.

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Kas Airport

You will be closer to the Kas with the new Kas International Airport which was approved to be operational in 2021.

Design Principles

Some priciples we followed during design to let you to enjoy nature more

  • 1

    Mitigation of block effect via twisted floors

  • 2

    Preservation of olive trees via specialized and calculated design layouts

  • 3

    Natural Vantilation

  • 4

    Multi shadow and scenery alternatives