About Kas

Perhaps the reason why Lycians chose this region thousands of years ago was love at first sight.

When they observed the richness of the flora and the fauna, maybe they had the sweet excitement of all those who fell on the way to the Lycian territory.

Anyone would be amazed with number of variety of the local flora: 26 species endemic, 187 genera belonging to 51 families and 272 species and subspecies belonging to these genera.



Lycia means “the Land of the Light”
And Kas, without a doubt, is this land’s brightest light.

Kas offers all the colors of the light:
Locals watch the sunset at its ancient theater… Greece’s lone island Meis awaits you only twenty minutes away… 2400-year-old tombs guard the town’s streets… Magnificent beaches by the crystal clear sea shore, a blue-flagged marina, a walk among history through the Lycian way, scuba diving into the blues, paragliding and much more render
Kas is unique and matchless.