Notos Agac-1


Yes, another life is possible.

Because we know that there had been lifes lived here for long years.

We can imagine Lycian fishermen, pirates, Greek girls and the soldıers of Alexander the Great.

We’re lucky, you’re lucky:

Because this is how it was, three thousand years ago.


why notos?

NOTOS, translates as “southern” in Greek.

It also is the name of the God of the South Wind.

It was believed in the mythological realm that Notos lived in the south of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here on, it will live in the south of Turkey.





Doğaya Saygı

Trıbute to local & archeologıcal desıgn


tarihe saygı


At NOTOS KAS, we desire to become a part of this spectacular corner of the world by providing you with an alternative life.

We’ve started by respecting the region’s history, geography, nature and architecture.

For this very reason the houses of NOTOS KAS resemble the quarters that have been inhabited for thousands of years by the locals.

For this very reason your feet will feel the ground as you’re walking among NOTOS KAS houses.

For this very reason, each and every resident of NOTOS KAS will necessarily enjoy the sea and the sun.




havalandırma yolları


Natural ventilation routes are inserted for less carbon footprint and more comfort.


maksimum güneş ışığı


While keeping the landscape perspective of each house at a high level, the houses are designed to benefit from the sunshine and have alternative shade areas throughout the day.





blok görüntü


With the inverted top layer, the block image effect has been reduced.





The houses are settled in accordance with existing trees and rock formations.






At NOTOS KAS villas, a couple may easily live at ground floor with one bedroom with ease and less carbon footprint, or five bedrooms of the villa can be utilized via introduction of upper and lower floors.


3 katta toplam 5 oda


One of the most crowded living scenarios possible… When your family grows up or number of guests increase, you can spread your life from ground floor to all three floors/five bedrooms.