South is Calling!



Yes, another life is possible.
Because we know that there had been lifes lived here for long years. We can imagine Lycian fishermen, pirates, Greek girls and the soldiers of Alexander the Great.

We’re lucky, you’re lucky:
Because this is how it was, three thousand years ago.

Then we can warp the time:
Thousands of years of winds of peace, unchanged sea, the same blue sky, the Mediterranean sunshine; we can make another life possible by adding modern life to the side that will not break all these beauties.


Yoga_Kız 2_Sari


A tennis court and multi sports area will be supplied for active living, and a separate yoga zone will be available for yogalovers.




All olive and almond trees within the boundaries of NOTOS KAS are carefully handled.
Landscaping is done via utilization of existing and local vegetation. Each house will have its own unique organic garden space.
So your kids will pick up their veggies like Lycian kids.